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SVP Twinnage- Student Sponsorship Scheme

SVP Twinnage - The Student Sponsorship Scheme

HOW CAN MINI VINNIES HELP?    Children of poor families in India

What is this scheme?

Student Sponsorship helps with the education of poor students in India.

 Indian children and young people are always very keen to be educated.


They will have a better chance of finding a job to earn money to look after themselves and their families.

BUT, education has to be paid for in India.  If you are poor you cannot afford education.

What happens to poor children in India?

Poor Indian children working

* Children from poor families in India do not have an education

* Many poor children are sent out to work when here they would be starting school.

* Many do hard, heavy, sometimes dangerous work for long, long hours every day, for just a few rupees.

What can Mini Vinnies do?

You can get involved in the VIDYA JYOTHI scheme (VIS) - this is to support school age children.

The SVP in India choose a child who needs help.  They then ask their "twin" Vinnies in England or Wales to sponsor this child


It costs £15 to sponsor a child for 1 year.

After 1 year the SVP in India will carry on supporting the child.

What does £15 buy?

books, resources (like pens and pencils),

clothes and travel to and from school.

We take all of these for granted!

Could you raise £15 to sponsor an Indian boy or girl?

These children have dreams of becoming Teachers, Doctors, Nurses, Lawyers, Carpenters, Builders ... just like you do.

You can help them get an education and make their dreams come true!

What do we do next?   E-mail: twinnage@twinnage.org.uk

or, for more information or to download sponsorship forms, www.twinnage.org.uk


Written by Janet Lawrence,

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