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SVP ActivitiesSVP Activities

With the money raised by the Mini Vinnies and the whole of the SVP we do some great work.

Read about what the SVP has been up to recently in our SVP activities section.

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Fund Raising Events

The Mini vinnies do a great job of coming up with lots of money raising events to help communities.

Read all about what other Mini Vinnie groups have been up to.

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Your ideas

The Mini Vinnies are always coming up with lots of great ideas to do at their Mini Vinnie groups.

Read all about what ideas other Mini Vinnies think you could be doing at your group.

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From the Vinnies

Your Mini Vinnie groups are always getting up to lots of great things.

In this section of our website you can read all the latest news from other Mini Vinnies groups across the country.

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see the mini vinnie schools

take a look at some of the schools part of the Mini Vinnies...

send us your mini vinnie stories

Has your group done something fun you want to tell us about? Send it in!