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From the Vinnies

St Vincent's Knutsford Cheshire. Advent Calendar

Mini Vinnies write to parents.

Dear Parents,

We are St. Vincent’s Mini Vinnies.  We are starting our first project which we hope you will help us with.  We are organising a reverse advent calendar at St. Vincent’s. Your child will be given a number and on that day we are asking that they bring in an item of food which we will donate to a local food bank.

These are some suggestions of what food to bring in:

Long life milk,

long life fruit juice,


tinned fruit,

tinned vegetables,

sponge puddings,

cakes and chocolate


We would highly recommend that you do not bring the following items of food as the food bank have plenty of them: Pasta, beans, tea and cereal.

We hope that you will help us with this worthy cause this Advent.

Thank you for reading this letter.


St. Vincent’s Mini Vinnies

Written by Janet Lawrence

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9th December 2017

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